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  • Are You Part of the Solution?

    The United Nations has stated that, if we are to meet the food needs of the projected population, food production will have to double by 2050.

    A formidable task of itself, this goal is further complicated by some serious environment factors including:
    • Desertification
    • Soil Salinity
    • Erosion
    • Water Pollution
    • Aquifer Depletion
    • Drought
    • Climate change

    Any one of these poses a serious challenge - but all of them together place the world's ability to feed itself at serious risk.

    And it's risk from which no-one is immune. For those of us who live privileged lifestyles in so-called developed countries, think about how quickly the food disappeared off the supermarket shelves the last time you experienced a power blackout - or a little riot - or some similar disruption to your otherwise cruisy lifestyle.

    These are the times when having money is really not much use at all. In anything other than a 48-hour ripple, inflation (official or unofficial) will quickly see your money lose its value leaving you to pay exhorbitant amounts just to acquire life's staples.

    The first part of dealing with any problem is to know that it exists.

    So, now you know...and, quite simply, if you're not taking active steps to mitigate against the risks to the food chain, then you're part of the problem.

    So, where are you on the problem/solution spectrum? Do you have any ideas for how to turn this mess around?

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    Great post


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      I am part of the problem Gary,

      I think most people are.

      The lifestyle I live contributes to the problem.

      Off the top of my head this is what I do and how I live to cause the problem.
      • I live in a city.
      • I communicate via a computer and mobile phone.
      • The home energy I use is derived from a power station and a natural gas network.
      • I use water from the town supply.
      • My food and hygene products are supplied to me via me paying money for them at some point.
      • My sewerage is supplied to my by a privately owned government governed company which has big sewerage works to deal with it.
      • I work for a client whose service is for some of the biggest contributors to "climate change".
      • I drive a car.
      • I have many electronic gadgets as I enjoy using high tech.
      I could go deeper but for the purposes of clarty these are some of the core of what I think do to contribute to our peril.

      I need to be practicable when cosidering how to make things better so unsustainability will be incorporated into my lifestyle BUT to a lesser lesser extent

      What am I doing and what could I do to make things better?
      • My diet is healthier so I am not frequenting the places which make bad food as much.
      • I have installed a solar panel system - Solar panels do produce some carbon footprint to manufacture.
      • I am installing a home battery - Batteries do require some carbon footprint to manufacture.
      • The only things I can do to lessen the water usage is install water saving shower heads on my already water efficient showers and work on removing the small amount of grass and replacing it with alterative cover.
      • Continue installing a drip system, replacing sprinklers with drips in my gardens
      • Limit the watering to a minimum requirement and install my Aquaponic growing system.
      • Gas has to stay the same.
      • Grow more of my own food, but only grow as much as I need. Eat seasonally as much as practicable. Give excess away, if any.
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