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  • Gary's workshop.

    My workshop is located in a space that is 6 metres x 4.5 metres....27 square metres. Aside from a selection of hand and power tools, the workshop boasts a Vicmark VM100 mini-lathe (a small version of my old Vicmarc VL250 woodlathe) and a recently acquired bandsaw for resawing windfall wood into turning blanks.

    I have the tools to undertake most common mechanical and household repairs

    Over time, I hope to expand the scope of work that can be undertaken to include cabinetmaking, airbrushing and small sculptures.

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    Recently, a friend alerted me to the fact that an avocado tree and a Paulownia (Princess Tree) that had been felled near where we live....and asked me if I was interested. What's more, he offered to help me if I chose to harvest the wood. I accepted both offers.

    We cut the wood into manageable chunks and transported it to my place.

    It was about then that I remembered that I had no real way to break it down into turning, I realised a long held ambition, and bought a bandsaw.

    It's been several decades since I had much to do with a bandsaw and it took a few minutes to remind myself of the fact that cutting green wood requires a saw blade with fewer teeth than is needed for cutting seasoned or kiln-dried wood. Anyway, a couple of trips to the machinery place saw me with the right blades.

    Today, I changed the standard blade for one suited to cutting green (wet) wood and tested the new machine on some of my windfall timber.

    While I only cut a couple of small flitches, I ended up with a small parcel of nice woodturning blanks, some kindling for the firepit and pizza oven and some fine sawdust for quail bedding.

    Now, I just need a couple of days to saw up the rest of the heap.