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  • Modern Nomadism

    What would a modern nomad look like? Why would you want to do it?

    Quite simply, being a modern nomad offers a level of personal freedom that few people will ever achieve...and a big part of that freedom is its cost effectiveness.

    And one way to become a modern nomad is to live in a van.

    What's a van?

    For the purposes of this discussion, it includes motor vehicles in the VW Kombi/Transporter, Mercedes Vito, Toyota Hi-Ace, Ford Econovan genre. It should be white or a solid that it remains inconspicuous.

    Is it possible to live in such a vehicle?

    Since many homeless people live in cars already, the obvious answer is yes. The better question might be...'Is it possible to enjoy life while living in a van?

    Author Jason Odom thinks so. In fact, he, and his wife, have been doing it for many years....and he's written a book called 'Vanabode - Happily camp, travel and live on $20 a day.'

    This is minimalism at its best. How would you go?

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    BBC Knowledge featured an episode of Ben Fogle's "Where the Wild Men Are" where a couple have pursued a completely nomadic lifestyle...for 12 years. Everything they need to live is on their back.