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Leaving your iAVs for a period of time.

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  • Leaving your iAVs for a period of time.

    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the process of planning from scratch an iAVs for my backyard but life has thrown a curly one at me.
    I have an opportunity which may come up soon to expand my horizons in my work career but it will involve being way from home and leaving my system alone for 2 weeks at a time on a regular basis.
    How can I design a system which will cope with that? What should I incorporate to cope? Any suggestions?


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    Hi BD
    You should incorporate your wife



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      No intensive food production system that I know of will accommodate fortnightly absences on the part of the farmer. Perhaps you should take a sabbatical from iAVs until you have the time to devote to it.


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        LOL Ande, the wife won't touch it he, he, he.

        Hi Gary,

        The basics of my back yard are nearly complete. I'm almost up to the stage of installing the plumbing and base plus building the grow beds and fish tanks

        If this opportunity comes up, a sabbatical from iAVs is an option, We'll see Just throwing the idea out there in case anyone has any thoughts.



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          Automation will allow you to achieve what you want. There's very little that can't be remotely monitored and operated, Regrettably, however, managing all of the operating parameters - and the risks - will probably cost you more than you are going to earn in your new opportunity.

          In your situation, I'd continue to build and refine your system during your home stints but I'd leave the fish out of it until you can put a pair of human footprints on the job.