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How to tranfere citrus grown in potting mix to iVAs grow beds.

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  • How to tranfere citrus grown in potting mix to iVAs grow beds.

    Hi Folks,

    I have a couple of very nice citrus trees in potting mix in 1/2 wine barrels, about 5 years old and doing very well. I have a very small back yard and I'm setting it up to be as productive as I can but....and there's that three letter word which wipes out the previous....but...It has to look nice....Or I'll be in the kennel again...Actually still...I digress...Currently, I'm installing trellis which will go around my complete 5m x5m backyard. Then it will be the installation of my drainage and underground plumbing of my iAVs, off course the hole/s for the fish tank/s will be dug grow beds, concrete and laying of the base then the grow beds. Point is, Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to have room for the wine barrels. so the citrus will need to be transplanted to the grow beds. What would be the best way to do this? Take them out and wash all the roots then straight into the sand?... Nutrient to keep them going?...(I'm ok with partitioning them off from the system and just running them on hydroponics until my system gets going so how should I transplant to that if that is the best way? How should I then transfere over at a later date to iAVs?... So there we go...Thoughts?


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    Hi BD...I'd advise against putting the trees into an iAVs sand bed. They'll dominate it...and fill it with roots...and the frequent irrigation may not be to the trees' liking. What about putting them in the front yard?


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      Hi Gary,

      I take on board your advise, and I agree about the roots, I was prepared to separate compartments for each tree so each had their own grow bed but my question on that would be how long would it be before the trees outgrow the grow bed?

      The question of if the frequent irrigation would keep their feet too wet or not. Just thinking out loud here and I ask for comments. If the irrigation water is well oxygenated, would that illuminate the wet feet concerns?

      I may have to redesign and rethink how I want my back yard, grow beds and fish tanks configured.

      To answer the question of the front yard, It does have a large tree in it which I will be cutting down. I would have room for two citrus trees If I pushed the boundaries but I have no front fence and I live a couple of houses down from a school so we know what will happen to the fruit and my garden.