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How Does sand not drain with water?

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  • How Does sand not drain with water?

    Hey guys, the other topic seems to be on the works , so I am posting here.
    After going through the information in I still don't understand how the sand does not drain into the fish tank.
    In aquaponics the bell siphon ideally has holes smaller than the media, so that makes sense.
    But with IAVS I don't know what is happening. -_-

    You have a hole on the bottom of the container the sand will just drop as you pour it.
    So I assume the hole on the side with a small pipe extended into the sand, and the sand it too heavy to leave? Not sure how this works here.
    I assume here, because this information is missing. The only info on this is a picture of a container with slit, so I have to imagine how it works.

    thanks all.
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    Take a look here. This isn't exactly what I think you have in mind, but it should be close enough to give you some ideas. For the blue barrels I would think installing the drain in the flat end might give you a better seal instead of the curved surface. The small pile of pea gravel will hold back the sand, a small piece of 1/8 inch hardware cloth holds back the gravel.


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      Seems like I am not authorized to view that page. But I understand from the description better now.
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        Well, then, how bout we do it this way ......

        ​​​​​​If you're intending to build an iAVs sandponic system you need to petition the moderator for permission to vue the iAVs threads. Plenty of information in that section.
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          Seems spellcheck strikes again ..... in photo description unusual should read uniseal


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            I noticed I can see if I log out which is strange.
            New website definitely on the works.

            Great to see the image. I thought there would be a whole layer of gravel, but it's only on top of the opening.


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              Yup, doesn't take much. That pile is about 6" across, maybe 2" deep.