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Moringa - the Miracle Tree

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  • Moringa - the Miracle Tree

    If duckweed is my favourite plant, Moringa is my favourite tree.

    Moringa has been feted as a miracle plant......and has been discussed on many permaculture and small-scale farming forums.

    Just about every bit of the tree is useful for something.......even (according to Gizmag) for purifying water.

    Never heard of it...take a look here.......and here.

    Not surprisingly, we grow Moringa on Havemore Farm. I've planted 35 of them along the boundary fence...and I'm about to use our original seven trees as mother plants to propagate even more.

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    In recent days, we've pruned some of our moringa trees with a view to propagating some new ones.


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      i have a small tree growing right now, i will post a picture later. i have tried to grow these for the past 2 years. i purchased some seeds from amazon just to try it out and out of all of the seeds only two sprouted. during the winter one of the trees died while the other survived at the root. this sprint it began sprouting again and doing very well. i wander if this can be placed into the IAVS system?

      if you have recommendations for proper seed source please let me know i would love to grow this tree.


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        Moringas have large gnarly root systems...and the trees grow like crazy...and they don't like wet feet. All of that suggests that you might want to create a dedicated system for them...a bit like VKN's little Easy systems...and alter the irrigation regime to ensure that they didn't stay too damp at the roots. You'd also need to keep the trees pruned to a bush or they'd topple the system.

        We now have about 20 seedling growing from our last seed planting...and, while propagating from cuttings has been successful, I'm looking forward to seeing how the trees develop from seed. I'm anticipating that the will be easier to shape for optimal foliage growth.

        As to seed sources....I think it can be a bit 'hit or miss'...with bought seeds. Fresh seeds seem to grow readily enough....old seeds less so. Once you get your first tree going, you'll have all that you need to grow as many as you want.


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          Here it is, the leaves are growing bigger than last year. looks like i need to move it to a bigger pot. the root is like a ball. based on your feedback it looks like my other trees root rotted because it was too wet with bad drainage. i pulled the root out and it already smelled. However, this little one survived.

          Click image for larger version

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            The leaves are becoming greater than a year ago, it would appear that i have to move it to a greater pot, the root resembles a ball, in view of your criticism it would appear that my different trees root spoiled on the grounds that it was excessively wet with terrible seepage

            Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing


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              Our moringas have thrived in some places on our block and not so well on other parts. The quality of the native soil on our place is questionable...with much of it being terrible. We also have very large Eucalyptus trees on the block adjoining ours so most of our backyard is in shade...particularly in the winter. The trees that do well are very prolific.

              Click image for larger version

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                my moringa tree died from root rot. looks like neglected it with the move and left it in the rain potted. i am curious if its even worth to grow a moringa tree in north california? if so then how would you take care of it? also any recommendations for seeds would be appreciated.


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                  I'm not familiar with the climate of Northern California...but, if you can grow moringa, I recommend that you do...for all of its uses. You should be able to get seeds if you Google.