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The wonderful world of Mycelium

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  • The wonderful world of Mycelium

    A colleague got me interested in mushrooms via the works of Paul Stamets. I was aware of the medicinal an nutrional value of mushrooms, but I had no idea of the possibilities.

    Stamets in his book explores the idea of mycoremediation, where fungi is use to filter water, and rehabilitate soil. He also describes how mushrooms can be used to basically clear up any mess, from oil spills, heavy metals, nuclear waste etc and in most cases transforms it into something useful i.e.compost or food. I found the bits about mycofiltration particularly interesting, as this could possibly be employed to deal with the environmental fallout of water comtamination as a result of overcrowding, be that with humans in cities or animals in feedlots.

    If nothing else, mushrooms could bea WTF champion.

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    Originally posted by Nicol du Toit View Post
    If nothing else, mushrooms could be a WTF champion.
    You're absolutely right, Nicol...mushrooms connect with WTF on several levels. My friend and WTF mentor Paul Olivier talks about AM fungi...but the mushroom potential extends past that...into human food and nutrition, medicinal uses, mycofiltration and myco-remediation of soil and water.

    What other prospective touch points do you see with mycology and WTF?


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      With what we know at the moment - which is preciously little apparently-, you pretty much nailed it, but who know where this might go. Maybe a bit more focus on animal food and nutrition, maybe it can be used as reinforcement in concrete like they do with hemp, maybe water transportation from one area to another.