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  • Small (transport) is Beautiful

    Reducing the cost of transport is an important aspect of having more for less...and, in this thread, I hope to showcase some of the transport possibilities that are available.

    I've been to Indonesia and Vietnam and both countries exemplfy getting you (and your goods) around in the most cost-effective way.

    Small motor scooters are the most popular means of transporting people. The traffic congestion can be huge in both countries and getting around in a timely manner - and navigating the narrow streets (think laneways) - really favours these little vehicles.

    Lest you be thinking that they are limited in their capacity to transport people, you should know that I've seen entire families (up to 5 people) travelling on a single scooter.

    You may also be thinking that transporting goods on a scooter is limited in its scope. That perspective shifts when you see a hay stack moving down the road and, when you overtake it, you discover that it's actually on a small scooter. Similarly, I've seen all manner of livestock (chickens, ducks, pigs and goats - dead and alive) strapped onto these tiny vehicles. Other things that are routinely carried on scooters and small motor bikes include ladders, pipes, televisions and cartons of every size and type.

    While I don't endorse these practices, for safety reasons, the fact is that poor people in places like Indonesia and Vietnam have limited choices and are resourceful when it comes to making the best of what's available to them.

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    Throughout my life, I've demonstrated an amazing ability to fall off of motorcycles. I finally came across the solution to my problem...a motorbike for old buggers. This little trike even comes with a stick shift...just like an old Harley Davidson trike (but without having to sell a kidney to buy it and keep it fuelled up).

    We ordered 300 bricks for a little job that I'm doing over here. The delivery vehicle was this behemoth...complete with hydraulic tilt for the tray. The bloke riding the trike never left the seat...just upended the tray and tipped the bricks into a heap.

    Why use a big machine when a small one will do?


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      Let's not forget the humble bicycle as a means of getting around...or for transporting goods.


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        Hi Gary

        Originally posted by Gary Donaldson View Post
        Let's not forget the humble bicycle as a means of getting around...or for transporting goods.
        Thats clearly my favorit.
        My brother living in Chopenhagen is on his 3. Christianiabike now runing a movie production company he never owned a car, all transport is by his bike, heavy equipment by car/truck is thru a car rental pool he is member off. And he does that at night, when rent/trafic is low, no rush and parking free, saved him a load of time & money over the years.



        • Gary Donaldson
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          What great little vehicles. Your brother is testimony to the fact that we don't need the large vehicles that we so often buy....and, in some cases, we don't need them at all.

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        The congested commercial precincts and laneways require vehicles that manoeuvre in tight spaces. The image shows the vehicle of choice for this work....the Suzuki Carry. These little trucks are their thousands.


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          The old delivery cart shown in the first image is a common sight in the markets of Vietnam cities. They are the Vietnamese equivalent of the London East End barrow boys...moving goods between the wholesale and retail sections of the markets.

          Some of them are ancient - giving testimony to the mechanical skills of those who maintain them. They are gradually giving way to the trike in the second a rare Vietnamese concession to safety.


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            My visit to Vietnam has provided ample opportunity to look at alternative ways of getting around.

            For the past three weeks, I've been walking and travelling in taxis (which are clean and very cheap here), but I've seen all manner of innovative ways of transporting people and goods ...none of which involve big cars or trucks. Not all of them will necessarily translate into your circumstances but that doesn't matter...they're just ideas. As such, you're free to use what you like and leave the rest.


            • JefriSGF
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              Yes.. poor people are very creative to find ways to carry their belonging... sometime It is very dangerous to see them too much item with their motorcycle.

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            I think we Westerners have a lot to learn from people in developing countries about cost-effective micro-transport options. I absolutely love the creativite solutions that people in places like Indonesia and Vietnam come up with to address logistical problems.