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  • Potatoes

    Saw about growing potatoes in a container. I had a trashcan than was not being used due to the trash company requiring us to use their can. Seems to be growing ok, but I know absolutely nothing of growing potatoes and this is my first attempt. Plant is close to 2 months old now. I used a mix of straw I had used as bedding for chickens and compost at a ratio of 50/50. What do you think? Crazy, maybe cool, totally stupid or maybe on the right track?

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    Looks like you've made a potato tower, and the plants look really good to me. Does the can have drainage at the bottom? Now that the plants are taller than the can, you should be able to fill it to the top with clean straw to keep all those little potatoes out of the sun.


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      Yes , it has a 3" hole in the bottom and I have it standing on 2 x 4 so it can freely drain.