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    My micro-manufacturing aspirations started in 1980 when I took up woodturning. Not only did I embark on learning the craft, I opened an award-wining fine craft gallery called "Cousin Jacks" which featured my work and that of other South Australian fine craftspeople.

    I really enjoyed my time as a self-employed woodturner/gallery operator but it coincided with raising a young family and it simply didn't make enough money.

    Fast forward over 30 years and, not only has my financial position changed (the kids moved out and I got better paying jobs), but there has never been a better time to be a micro-manufacturer than right now. The advent of CNC routers, plasma cutters, wire benders and lathes....and 3D printers...and a rash of other small-scale manufacturing devices...means that anyone can become a manufacturer.

    This modest faciity will form the nucleus of my micro-manufacturing operation...the means by which I intend to generate supplementary income.