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  • Greenwater RAS

    Hi All

    Some time ago Gary was doing trials on greenwater RAS, which I understood not to be the same as biofloc technology. Does anyone have any experience in this?


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    Nicol...I dug up some of the Aquaponics HQ/Nation threads on greenwater and I've linked to them here for those who might be interested.

    Greenwater Aquaculture - Experimental Hybrid Greenwater System - Ravnis' Sand Bed #1

    Without reading through the threads, I can't say why my interest lapsed (but it obviously did). Looking back on it, it's probably a waystation on my journey to iAVs and waste transformation farming.


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      Aquaculture in South Africa have been unable to escape infancy. Government is obviously blamed, but in my case, and probably many others, the prohibitive cost of entry is also a big issue, and even more so if you are not a landowner. These greenwater systems were interesting because the capital expenditure appeared to be lower than traditional RAS.

      Where did the conversation end?