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Solid waste removal process in sand Bio filter

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  • Solid waste removal process in sand Bio filter

    Hi Folks, Good Day!!!
    Can any one explain about the solid removal from sand bio filter in the case of growing high density fishes in IAVs system as there is no separate bio filter using for solid removal?

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    In IAVs the sand is the biofilter. Solids are deposited/filtered at the surface where it decomposes and turns into plant food.
    Growing plants is the main focus of IAVs, not necessarily fish. If fish is going to be your main focus, then you have to do the math. X amount of fish should have X amount of growbed/biofilter area. More fish = more filtration (biofilters). Having never dealt with heavy overstocking of fish, I've probably oversimplified the issue.


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      I've already addressed this question on the iAVs Facebook Group....HERE.
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