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    Welcome aboard, Richard.

    We will assist you to build your iAVs system.

    This site is wide-ranging in that it even covers things like anything you have to say about Makerspaces (and all that they involve) would be very welcome. It's an interesting coincidence that you should happen along just as I happen to be reading Chris Anderson's "The Long Tail" and "Make"...and "The Maker Movement Manifesto" by Mark Hatch.

    Feel free to set up your own enable you to document your own iAVs journey.


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      Gary, I have seen your posts in several Aquaponics sites - and joined the Microponics facebook group. There is not enough time to look at all this good material quickly.
      I have been in to Aquaponics for about 13 years and of course am interested in self sufficiency and other technologies (low tech) that can allow me to "Have More for Less".
      The planet is in an absolute dire state - but IF we do survive then we need this - to learn how to survive with less.


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        Welcome aboard, Jamie. Because of your location, and your eBook, I've generally aware of your existence for most of that 13 years. I live on Macleay Island and prior to that I lived at Bundamba.

        There's no need to read everything's not going anywhere...and I'm gradually adding to it.

        I'm looking forward to your participation.


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          I am a nurse from Serbia and want to improve my garden.
          Finally find this forum after bunch of ex military marketers and aquaponics Gods who will teach me everything for 4.000 of some money, but only 200 one time in a life offer ...

          This sand thing is simple and genius.
          But my garden do not need more sand but more nutrients. I am living by the river and have a stream of water across the same river. So, as I understand, that fish waste is optimal solution for my garden.
          Hope that with Your info and experience I will achieve my goal.


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            Welcome aboard, Davor. Let's get you started with your iAVs learning journey. The iAVs section of my website is HERE....and there's an iAVs Facebook Group...HERE.


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              Demetri here. USA resident, hot part, temperature extremes 0C - 47C. Approximately 15CM precipitation per annum. 10 years experience with various aquaponic systems. Skeptic. Watching.


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                Welcome aboard, Demetri. Skeptic, huh? Me, too.


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                  I am from Spain. My name is Aitor, and I have a greenhouse with 4 grow beds and 100 trout's.
                  I also have potatoes in aeroponic barrel. Another fishes are "tenca"and perch.
                  I want to learn and contribute.
                  Those are my videos.




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                    Welcome to HMFL, Aitor. Tell me more about your aerobic potatoes.