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  • Farmin' in Jozitown

    Hi, my name is Nicol. I grew up on a farm in the Western Cape in South Africa, which we had to give up when my dad passed away. I live in Johannesburg now, and at best, I am a gentleman farmer. I've been through a few iterations of trying to farm whilst keeping a dayjob - the latest being a very ambitious 3 ha plot. This was doomed to fail.

    All of my farming toys are currently gathering dust in my garage. Inpsipired by the market gardening community, I have borrowed an unused backyard of about 500 sqm. I want to see what can be done on a space like that.

    I have a 6x12m tunnel, a tiller, a 10kl RAS system, a single row planter and enough irrigation fittings to keep me going for a while.

    Let's start a farm!

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    Oh Nicol...what a first post?

    Let me apologise in advance for the damage to your mind that may happen as a consequence of your association with me...but that post pushed every button I have...with the exception of the Greek yoghurt one.

    Let me introduce you to Waste Transformation Farming...and do you have somewhere for me to stay when I come to your farm?


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      Oh, Gary. I broke my mind a long time ago. You won't be able to claim that for yourself.

      As for a place to stay, my wife runs a little self catering cottage in our backyard.


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        The place looks lovely and the price is right.