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    Bonjour everyone.

    Has just about most of my interests bundled in one place. Love the mindset.
    I came here because I was looking to build an aquaponics system using soil.
    Not much luck finding that, but I happened upon the IAVS systems here and I liked them much more.

    So i plan on making an IAVS now. I will use barrel containers cut in half (longways) because they are cheap.
    I think the hardest thing seems to be sourcing the sand.
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    Hi ForeverRaiden...welcome to HMFL....and thank you for your kind words regarding the site.

    I have added you to the iAVs sub-forum.

    Spend a little time getting your head around the iAVs method before you commit to any approach. It's arguably best in its original form...inground fish tank and on-ground sand bio-filters. Having said that, there are a variety of ways of doing things.