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    Hello Group,
    My name is Dax, and I live near Oklahoma City, OK. My degree is in Kinesiology, so I have a small amount of physics, biology, and math in my background. I've been reading and studying hydroponics and aquaponics for a few years now, and I'm getting close to a place to start putting something together, but I would love to have the collective wisdom of this group. I have a greenhouse design that I think serves my region best and allows for airflow. I think I have a fairly decent handle on a layout for my fish and sand filter layout, and I think I know what fish I want to use, but ultimately it's all theoretical, and most here have a better and more hands-on perspective. I'm going to be happy to have any and all input, and I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date with the progress we make here.
    Thanks, Dax

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    This is my greenhouse plan. I will have it face south and put open-able windows on the south face and also at the North facing top of the roof. My hop is that the airflow generated, along with solar fan driven earth tubes, will allow for sufficient airflow to limit humidity.
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      Welcome aboard, Dax. Sun-facing greenhouses are excellent for housing food production systems. Take the time to google "Chinese greenhouses" for more information on this type of structure.

      We look forward to hearing about your plans and progress.

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        Hi Dax,

        Welcome to HMFL...

        I live in the OKC area too, watch out for high cooling load requirement in our will make a GH overheat in short order...!


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          Welcome Dax, My first thought when seeing your photo was "cooling". I have seen up close the benefit of a cooling wall. Good luck, I look forward to hearing more of your journey.