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Small (farming) is beautiful.

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  • Small (farming) is beautiful.

    I believe that small (read micro-farming, urban farming) farming is the way of the future. Small farms already provide the bulk of the world's food and, as the destructive impacts of industrial farming really start to bite, that trend will continue.

    Small farmers everywhere are innovating to allow them to leverage their efforts. This thread showcases and discusses small farm machines.

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    Here's a great example of small machines for small farmers..and waste transformation farming. A top-loading updraft gasifier fuelled by something like rice hulls is used to heat a coffee bean roaster. These machines were designed by Dr Paul part of his work to empower impoverished coffee farmers.
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      Ever since the farm tractor was developed, it seems that the push has been on to make them bigger...and bigger.

      An Ohio manufacturer is breaking with that unfortunate tradition by designing a tractor for the future.

      Take a look at Tilmor...small tractors and implements.


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        Small-scale mechanisation is about leveraging the efforts (and results) of a single farmer.

        Rail farming is not my personal cup of tea but if I was into bio-intensive gardening that would probably change.


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          BTW...rail farming has been adapted from the materials handling process use in large controlled environment cropping greenhouses. It's another great example of how innovators miniaturise systems to allow them to do more with less.


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            Small-scale, post-harvest processing of coconuts happens in a tiny footprint and can be undertaken in a shopfront in between serving customers.

            Click image for larger version

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            The coconut flesh is cut from the shell using a motorised burr. The process is quick and clean.

            The milk is pressed from the flesh (which is then dessicated). The list of saleable products includes coconut water, milk and dessicated coconut. Depending on the market, the shell and the coir may also be saleable.

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              This micro-greens harvester could make the harvesting of produce viable where it otherwise may not be.